Here are the public organizations to which we will donate part of the profits from each of your order. All of them are working to make Russian cities comfortable for people.
Сharity list
Please email us if you are such an organization but have not found yourself in the list
Of Ilya Varlamov and Maxim Katz
We know and love the city. And we see that in Russia the situation with the cities is very bad. We want to change this situation. We want the cities to face the man again. To make disabled people in our cities feel like full-fledged members of society. To the streets can be safely moved by Bicycle. To public transport was easy to use and complete. We want the cities to be clean! This is important. And we know how to do it by simple means.
We strive to make it convenient and safe to move around on a Bicycle in the city.
We believe that this requires action in three directions:
1. increasing the number of urban cyclists;
2. education of citizens;
3. work with the city administration.
We do not want to argue that this is more important, but rather to join efforts to make everyone do what is burning and what he believes is right.
Beautiful Petersburg is a movement of initiative citizens for improving the quality of the urban environment.
Website КрасивыйПетербург.рф was created by volunteers to correct violations of public works. In 20 seconds, send a complaint about the problem and let the start of its solution.
We want to make the city comfortable and pleasant for life, to teach people competent and successful ways to influence the quality of the urban environment.
Let's turn silent discontent into simple and effective actions!
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